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Thursday, December 31, 2009

We Will Miss Ms. Tommie Sue

Kaitlyn's Christmas party at school was the last day of school before the Christmas holidays, December 18.  We found out the week before school let out that Ms. Tommie Sue, Kaitlyn's first grade teacher would be moving to kindergarten and Kaitlyn would be getting a new homeroom teacher, who she has already and she just loves, but we are going to miss Ms. Tommie Sue even though she will just be right across the hall from her.  So she can still keep an eye on her.  Here is Kaitlyn's class now with Ms. Tommie Sue, but they will all be split up between the other two classes.

Kenleigh got to go to Kaitlyn's party and she even got to sit in a seat and participate in the party.

Kaitlyn posing for a picture.

Kaitlyn with her BFF Abreanna.

Kenleigh with here sissy and all of sissy's BFF's.

Kaitlyn, Sienna and Breanna.

Ms. Amanda.  This is Breanna's mom and she led the kids in singing and she has a beautiful voice!!  


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