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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve at Granny and Papaws

Next stop is granny and papaws.  We let all the kids open their gifts first youngest to oldest.  The adults draw names.  This year my father-in-law got my name and he got me a very beautiful butterfly necklace with matching earrings and two pair of those warm and fuzzy socks.  I love them!!

This is my brother-in-law and sister-in-law Jason and Tina.  This is my husband's sister.

My father-in-law and hubby.  My father-in-law is still in full remission.  Praise God.

My mother-in-law.  I guess she didn't want me taking her picture??

My other sister-in-law Angela.

Kaitlyn and my favorite nephew Johnathon.

Me and hubby. I look like a cow.  My new years resolution is to lose about 30 pounds!!

My niece Lacey with Kenleigh.

My crazy other brother-in-law.

Kenleigh fell asleep while waiting on her food!!

Now you see why I say he is crazy?

Granny and papaw got Kaitlyn a MP3 player!!

We got my niece The Dirty Dancing Collectors movie.

I got my nephew a Old Navy hoodie.

My father-in-law got a new drill!!  So when he feels better, he will have something to go out and play with.

My husband drew my mother-in-laws name and I picked her out a warm blanket with a cabin scene on it and a bunch of other stuff too!!

Whoosh, I am sooooooooooooo tired.  We still have to go home and fix brownies for Santa because our Santa is a picky Santa!! 


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  1. What and more gifts. So nice to be able to spend time with so much family in one day.


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