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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

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Today is Ruby Tuesday.  If you would like to participate just join Mary over at Work of the Poet to join in.  

I have a special prayer request today.  If you have ever visited my blog and read on my side bar about my father-in-law who is in complete remission from multiple myeloma, Praise God!!, then you are familiar with his story and if you aren't just take a few moments to read my side bar.  

Even though he is still in remission, he has to undergo maintenance chemotherapy for 2-3 years as part of his protocol.  

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and I believe God and the power of prayers from friends and family is what got him where he is today.  

Well, friends, he has been suffering from bronchitis for a few months now.  He gets over it but then it comes right back due to the fact that he has a compromised immune system.  

He is now in the hospital and I ask that you pray for him and that they can find out what is causing the recurrence of this and that he gets well soon.  Also, I ask that you pray for my mother-in-law as she suffered from a stroke approximately five years ago, so it is hard on her sitting at the hospital all day.  

 Thank you very much in advance for your prayers.  These people are very special to me.



  1. Will say a prayer for them both right now!!

  2. I can understand just why they are special to you. Prayer certaintly is a powerful thing.

  3. Lori, I'm so sorry you FIL is suffering. Of course I will pray, it's the ONE thing we can all do.


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