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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Today is Ruby Tuesday.  If you would like to participate just Mary over at Work of the Poet and check out her decorated door. 

Here are the girls just before church this past Sunday morning.  Kenleigh has on an outfit that Kaitlyn wore when she was that age and Kaitlyn has a snowman on her shirt.  They both have on a necklace from my dad, AKA Grandpa Young. 

Just an update on my father-in-law.  He got to come home today.  He was diagnosed with aspergillosis which is an infection in the lungs.  God answers prayers and I thank all of you for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for him as they are canceling his chemo for the next few weeks to try to build up his immune system.  We are so glad to have him home. 

Happy Tuesday


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  1. Your girls are so adorable. I'm happy to hear your fil is back home. I'm sure he will rest so much better at home, and hopefully build his immune system back up. Prayers continued for him.


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