For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son, that whosoever shall believeth in him, should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Music Monday

Today is Music Monday and Tara, I must tell you, I am very, very sorry.  I feel as though I have let you down.  But I have been so busy lately!!  I barely have enough time to take a shower these days, LOL!!  Anyways, I had some extra time this weekend, so I wanted to share a song that has been on my mind here lately.  Life is not always a bed of roses, but God is ALWAYS there for us.  All we have to do is call upon his name and he will take care of us.  I feel as though I am in a transition period in my life.  I don't really want to go into a lot of detail but if anything changes or my prayers are answered, I will definitely let you know.  It was warm enough here today to let the girls go out and play and so I took them out and I listened to Kaitlyn's MP3 player that Granny and Papaw got her for Christmas and I had this song put on her MP3 player and I just love it.  When we are going through "storms" in our life, God is always there and we should still continue to praise him even when we don't understand.  I hope you enjoy it and if you would like to participate in Music Monday yourself, just join Tara over at Keeping Up With The Kelly's.  I hope everybody has a great week.  I probably won't get a chance to do anymore posting until next weekend.  Kenleigh will have her 3rd birthday on Friday and Kaitlyn is going to be in a lip sync on Friday.  So we have a busy week ahead.  Hopefully I can blog about the lip sync and the birthday party next weekend. 


Friday, February 26, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday - U Pick February

Ok, I know I have been missing for a really long time but I have been very, very busy between school and homework and my daughter's homework and well, the list goes on and on.  So today I thought I would participate in FFF and just try to catch up for the month of February especially since it is "u pick".  I didn't post any Valentine pictures, so that is what I am going to post today.  I hope you all have been doing well and had a good Valentines Day and are looking forward to the coming of Spring.  I know I am.  I am tired of winter. 
Here is Kaitlyn at her Valentine party with her little Valentine, Levi.  He got her this cute little better!!  It was so sweet.  Her first love.

Jacob with his Valentine Box.  I love it!!

Cousins:  Kaitlyn, Jacob and Madison

Kaitlyn with her BFF Abreanna.

Kaitlyn and Alexis

My girls!!

Kenleigh with her Valentine card from Mimi.

Kaitlyn with her Valentine card from Mimi.

Valentines Day at church.  My Sunday School Class:  Azlyn, Allie and Kenleigh.

If you would like to participate just join Hannah over at Me-Me and Monkey's Big Adventure and link up. 


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Mommy............No Potty??

potty chair Pictures, Images and Photos
My almost 3-year-old daughter has some major issues.....if I am not with her she refuses to go potty.  Yes, you heard me right.  She is just like her daddy used to be when he was a kid.  She will hold it in all day until I get there to get her.  I am afraid her bladder is going to bust!!  She "normally" stays with my in-laws, but she has had to stay with my husband's aunt a few times and she went all day without going to the bathroom.  Today she stayed with my father-in-law because my mother-in-law was at the hospital with her mother.  Luckily she was only with him for half a day.  The minute I got there, I immediately took her to the bathroom and she had a full bladder.  This concerns me because she is going to start to preschool in the fall and unless I get a job at the preschool, what in the world am I going to do???  Should I go pick her up 2-3 times a day and take her to go potty??  Maybe she is just really, really modest??  She is just like her daddy.  I posted about us having trouble with potty training.  Well now we have that down, but she is going to hold it if I am not there!!!  Everybody has issues I guess, I know I do, but that is for another post.  HA!!  What are your issues or somebody else in the family if you don't want to let yours out for blogland to read? 


Monday, February 1, 2010

Playing in the Snow

We received lots of snow on Friday of last week and my youngest has been sick and not been able to get out in it.  I have been stuck in the house since Thursday.  I finally got out today to go eat at the local restaurant.  My sister-in-law and brother-in-law came over yesterday and we we "played" in the snow.  My sister-in-law set with the baby so I could go sledding in the snow.  I laughed so hard until I cried.  I got knocked off three different times and was laughing so hard, I couldn't even get up and no, I don't have any pictures of that.  But I do have pictures of the kids and then today my husband and oldest made a snowman and we finally let Kenleigh get out in it long enough to get some photos with the snowman.  She informed me that she wasn't sick anymore. 
Kaitlyn being pulled by the 4-wheeler on her sled.

My brother-in-law Johnny pulling the kids on the sled.

Lacey and Kaitlyn "playing" in the snow.

Kenleigh finally getting to "play" in the snow.

Kaitlyn and Kenleigh with the snowman.  He has on a Hannah Montanna scarf.

Daddy with the girls.  He helped them build it. 

Kenleigh is adding some snow to the snowman.

Kaitlyn is fixing to throw a snowball at me and daddy is scraping off my van so we can go eat!!

Johnny and Lacey with the snowman.

Lacey and Johnathon

All the kids with the snowman.  I enjoyed it but I hope this is the last of it all for this year.  Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, so I guess we shall see.


Music Monday

Today is Music Monday and I am joining Tara over at Keeping Up With The Kelly's.  I am following along with Tara's so called mess up.  Hey, we all mess up.  My brain is not working right lately anyways, so I need some help with my post. 

Ok, I know this is not the best show for a child to be watching, but me and my Mimi would watch this show every Saturday night together and that is a memory I will never forget.  The Golden Girls.  I still love the show to this day.  I watch reruns all the time.