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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve at Moms

Christmas Eve is so busy for us.  We have three major places we have to be on Christmas Eve.  Then on Christmas Day all we do is eat, no presents except for what Santa brings Christmas morning.  The first place is to my moms.  We usually meet there around 2 and have just finger foods and then time for opening presents. 

This is my Uncle John and his girlfriend Becky.  So glad I got to see them this year.

Santa always leaves something at my moms unwrapped.  This year, Kenleigh got a cash register, which she absolutely loves!!

Santa left Kaitlyn a Liv doll.

Kenleigh also got some pots and pans for cooking from Mimi.

Kaitlyn got an electric pencil sharpener for all those afternoons full of homework!! 

Kenny got lots of measuring tapes!!

Uncle John and Becky with their gifts.

Mom with her Anne Presley "Making Memories" book.

Here we all are after stuffing ourselves and opening all our presents.  Now onto the next destination!!


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  1. Fun times..but busy huh? Worth it all to spend time with family! Love the pictures.


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