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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Long Time, No Blog.........

I was looking at my blog yesterday and realized I had not blogged since the first day of school, which was back in August.  With my new job as a teacher's aide, I am one busy girl.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my new job.  I feel as though I am making a difference in all my little kiddos' life.  I love everyone of them as though they were my own.  But with my new job and two little red-headed girls to keep up with, there is no time left for blogging.  I do miss it and I miss reading other peoples blog, but my family must come first.  After getting home in the evening, we have homework, supper, baths, etc., etc.  My youngest is in preschool and we also do the HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) program, so she actually has homework as well, which she thinks is neat.  I am now on Christmas break, which I absolutely love.  This time last year I was a medical transcriptionist at home and was absolutely miserable.  My kids were out of school and I didn't get to spend any time with them as I had to work the entire two weeks, even Christmas Eve.  So I thank God for placing me where he did when he did.  God is good.......all the time!!!

There is so much that has happened over the last four months and I would love to share everything, but there is just too much to share, so I am just going to highlight on the events that mean the most to me.  Every year our small little town has a fall festival called Funfest where we have a parade and different vendors set up around town, etc.  My husband's grandfather passed away a year ago this past September and so we rode in the parade to commemorate "Pa".  We had shirts made and the entire family rode on the float.  It turned out really nice.  Here are some of the pictures from the parade/float.

Jacob, Madison and Kaitlyn (great grandchildren).

Jacob, Madison, Kaitlyn, Johnathon and Kenleigh

Uncle Ronald and Naomi

Michael and his girlfriend Destiny rode in this tractor behind us.  This is also what they took to the prom the year prior.

My crazy brother-in-law, Johnny.


 Tina and Jason


Kaitlyn, Madison, Jacob and Peyton

 Angela.  She is the one that got all this together.  She did a great job!!

Lizzie, McKenzie, Danielle and Miranda

 Here we all are.

 Jacob rode on the front on this tractor.  Pa would be so proud.

We love and miss you Pa!!

Another big event was my 15 year class reunion.  It was a weekend long event.  This was back in October.  We went to the homecoming football game on Friday night.  Here are the girls in their bulldog gear.  

Saturday at noon we had a picnic and we brought our kids to play on the playground.  This is how many classmates we had show up for the picnic.
 Saturday night we had a banquet at the Country Club catored by Who Dat's, yummy!!!

 Mandy, Jennifer and me.

 Me and my BFF Jennifer.

 All the classmates that made it.

Jennifer, Mandy, Lori and Lori, Cassandra and Stephanie.

 Another big event that I participated in for the first time was Race For the Cure.  I had a great time.  This is me and my BFF Shannon in front of a portapotty that was decorated like a milk carton.  

 Shannon and I.

 Me, Amanda, Amy and Shannon

 These were the shirts we wore.  My friend Shannon works at a daycare and they had these shirts made.

I ran into one of my friends and her daughter who is my daughters best friend.

The next part of my post is the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas of course.

 Kenleigh with Santa at preschool.  She had breakfast with Santa on her last day of preschool.

 Uncle John and Aunt Becky Christmas Eve

 My mom Christmas Eve

 Kenleigh with her favorite gift at Mimi's.

 Johnny and Angela, Christmas Eve

 Johnathon and Granny


 Kenleigh and Kenny

 Lacey and Kaitlyn

 Kenny and Johnny

 Tina arriving at granny's.

 Kaitlyn and Kenleigh's gift from Aunt Tina and Uncle Jason.  It was a RV with barbies.  They are loving this gift!!

 Kenleigh with her Jesse and Woody dolls.  Her most favorite gift from granny and papaw.

 Kaitlyn with a DS game.

 Johnathon with his gift card.

 Lacey with one of her gifts.

 Kenny with his hoodie.

 Kenleigh and Johnathon chowing down on some beef jerkey.

 Johnny with his gifts.

 Ma enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts.

 Lacey, Johnathon, Kenleigh and Kaitlyn.

 Ma and Brenda.

 Kenleigh, Lacey, Kim and Kaitlyn, Christmas Day at Johnny and Angela's.

 Granny and papaw, Christmas Day.

 Kaitlyn and Ma.

 Grandma Boyles and Johnathon.

 Kenleigh and Johnathon.

 Mom and Aunt Pam.

 Kenleigh, Johnathon and Kaitlyn enjoying Christmas Day.

 Me and my daddy.

 Daddy, me and my brother Justin.

 Uncle Justin with the girls.

 Aunt Pam with the girls.

 Me and my mom!!

 Kenleigh with her Alphie

 Kaitlyn with another DS game.

 Me with my wonderful husband, Kenny.

My girls!!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year!!!  Hopefully I can blog again soon, maybe Spring Break!!