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Sunday, November 8, 2009

We Are The Champions.............

I went back to my old stomping ground this past Friday for the last home football game of the season.  I haven't been to a ballgame since my 10 year class reunion almost 5 years ago and then had not been there since I was in high school.  But I wanted to go since they are undefeated and this has not happened since like 1969!!  So I was pretty excited to be going.  They won 47 to 6.  Playoff bound!!  Since my girls go to a different school I had to get them a Bald Knob Bulldog shirt.  I went with my best friends Shannon and Amanda.  We had a great time.  It was like old times again.  I felt like a teenager!!  It was also neat because they had all the football players from 1969 there and they were all wearing jerseys with their numbers on them and they were recognized at halftime. 

Me before the game.  I was kind of nervous going back seeing as how I am like 30 pounds heavier than I used to be!!

Karlie in her gorgeous Bald Knob Bulldog attire.  Me and my girls!!

 Amanda and I.

Shannon and I and the Bulldog mascot!!

Me and Lori, one of my dear friends from high school.
Here are my girls in Bald Knob Bulldog colors!!  

Here was the spirit line and where the "dogs" come out at!!

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  1. HOw fun to go back. So glad they won too. Cute shirts.


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