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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ruby Tuesday/Red Ribbon Week

Ruby Tuesday Pictures, Images and Photos
I have a lot of cathing up to do since I haven't been on here in a while.  But I will start by telling you about last week, which was a very busy week.  It was red ribbon week and at our school everyday is a different themed day.  So  let me just go ahead and get started.

Monday was "Redneck Day".  Kaitlyn was mad in this picture because she wanted to go out and put some dirt on clothes, but her mimi always takes her to school on Monday's and well, Mimi didn't want any dirt in her vehicle.  LOL!!

Tuesday was crazy sock day.  It was raining very hard on this day and she talked me into wearing flip flops with her crazy socks.  But, you wouldn't be able to see her socks had she wore regular shoes. 

Wednesday was wear Red day.  So Kaitlyn wore her red peace sign shirt since she loves peace signs these days.  

I don't have a picture for Thursday!!  So sorry.  It was Rock Star Day.  But my Wednesday's are SOOOOOOO busy, that I just didn't have time to get anything together and believe you me, Kaitlyn was not happy........BUT Friday is the best day anyways!!!  The last two years Kaitlyn has got to participate in a Book Character Parade.  So she decided to be Sharpay from the book High School Musical 2 since our good friends Steven and Shannon got her the costume last year for her birthday.  So...........we saved the best for last.................................

 I knew you would love it!!

So join Mary at The Work Of The Poet if you would like to participate in Ruby Tuesday.  I hope to have a Halloween post and more as soon as time allows.   


  1. That is so cool. Our school only had the kids wear red one day. Hmmm. I like your schools idea to get them involved a lot better. cute pictures.

  2. That is awesome!! So fun! That last costume is perfect :)

  3. I loved themed days in school! Great new picture header!


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