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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kaitlyn's First Deer!!!

This weekend was the youth hunt and Kenny had asked Kaitlyn last week if she wanted to go and she said yes.  So he took her last week to teach how to shoot a gun.  We went to a ballgame last night and didn't get home until almost 10, so she didn't want to get up and go this morning.  She said she would be too tired, so they went this afternoon and her daddy never dreamed she would kill anything.  He thought they would just go out there to spend some quality time together especially since when they got out there and she kept rustling leaves and digging in the dirt, etc............  Well, daddy spots the deer and he tells her there is a deer and she says "really"..........anyways, if daddy was writing this blog post, I am sure he would give you every detail of the hunt, but I will get to the point.  I was at home and I heard a gunshot and I thought oh, I bet she shot a deer and then I heard another shot.  I told Kenleigh I bet her sister had shot a deer.  A few minutes later the phone rings.  It is Kaitlyn.  She says, "I got it!!"  She was so excited. 

This was before the BIG HUNT!!

This was after she shot the deer and her and daddy came home to get me to help load the deer.  See how excited she is??!!

I had to get in the picture too.  This is my baby girl's first deer!!  So exciting.

After we got it loaded.

Here is cousin Johnathon giving her a thumbs up on her deer!!  We figured they were both around the same age when they both got their first deer!!

My husband said he didn't guess he had to have boys to have a hunter for a child.  He was so excited.  I think it is wonderful for kids to go hunting and learn how to use guns in a responsible manner and make memories with your children. 



  1. Wow!!! I'm sure her daddy was really proud of her. I can tell she was pretty proud of herself. You don't see many young girls out there enjoying the thrill of the hunt. LOL! I agree that it's very important to teach kids the proper way of handling a gun. My husband was taught very early in life too and I'm sure he'll be doing the same with our little guy. But, just the thought of having him so near a gun scares me but I know he'll be in good hands. Still scary though....

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello. Have a great weekend. Well, what's left of it anyways :o)

  2. Oh how fun!!! Tyler is gone with Brien. They are in Cave City at their deer camp. As of yesterday they hadn't shot anything. I am not surprised, though. *LOL* He has a hard time sitting still and quiet. Shelby is grossed out with the whole thing, though so she will not go. She's such a girlie girl!

    Tell her I said Congrats! I love the pictures. She looks so happy.

  3. My boys would be so jealous. They're begging to go bow hunting!

  4. My husband is a hunter too. I'll have to show this to my sister in law..she LOVES a girl hunter :)

  5. That is so EXCITING! Way to GO! She is now hooked for life :)

  6. I know her daddy is so proud!! Super Cute!


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