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Monday, November 2, 2009

Music Monday

Today is Music Monday. I have not been on my computer in about a week. My youngest child came and got in bed with me last Monday night and threw up in my bed and was running a fever and I just assumed she had a stomach bug that was going around. I felt terrible when I took her to the doctor to find out that she had a really bad kidney infection. I felt like a horrible parent and realized then I am addicted to my computer and stay on here WAY TOO MUCH!! And not enough time with my family. So, I still enjoy blogging and facebooking but my family has to be my top priority.

Please join Tara over at Keeping Up With The Kelly's.

Let me take you back almost 15 years ago.  The year I graduated high school, 1995, my dear friend, Kenyatta Haynes was a beautiful cheerleader who was about to begin a new job at the local drive-in.  She was such a sweet, christian girl.  I will never forget, she always would pray over her food before she would eat everyday at lunch.  I was always impressed by that.  After school one day she was waiting before time to come back to school for cheer leading practice so she had her friend run her to town to get something to eat.  We would never see her alive again.  She was reported missing and her family formed a search team and finally found her.  I will never forget I was in keyboarding class and the bell rang to go to the next class and someone came over the intercom announcing to stay in your class and not go to the next one.  I knew then they had found her.  One of the football players came around getting her closest friends out of class to tell us that she had been found.

This was a very tragic and sad time.  Last week this was on the front page of the state newspaper and I have been thinking of her family all week.  The first time I heard this song, Kenyatta instantly came to my mind.  The name of the song is "Who You'd Be Today."  I just wonder where Kenyatta would be today.  I hope you enjoy the song and hopefully next week, I will have something not so depressing.

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  1. I have been missing you. There were a few times I planned to come over to visit but got sidetracked. Hope your baby is feeling better. You were missed though!

    Kenny Chesney...I love him. What a touching story and what a great song to choose. I bet she would be something great and still being that bright light in this dark world. Thanks for playing along.

    Next week, I'm going to choose a theme for Music Monday. Hope you'll be able to play!


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