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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Better Stay Here

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So I go to pick up Kenleigh from Granny and Papaw's yesterday and she is under the carport in her "little tikes car, which she absolutely loves, and I asked her if she was ready to go and she looks at me with this sweet look and says, "No, I better stay here." I just almost lost it, it was so funny. When I asked her why she just said cause. I asked her again and she said "No again, I better stay here." So I knew that granny was tired and needed her afternoon nap, so I finally asked her if she wanted to go find Handy Manny and she was ready to go them. So we go home and we cannot find Handy Manny on TV. I called daddy to ask him to pick up a Handy Manny movie on his way home since he is stopping by Wal-Mart. He comes home with a Alvin and the Chipmunks Halloween video and Kenleigh does not like this. So tonight we got her a Dora Halloween movie but daddy says she can't watch it until she starts doing better with her potty training. I was kind of sad about this, but I have got to stick to my guns!! She knows when she is going she just doesn't want to take the time to go.

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