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Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Lacey

Yesterday was my favorite nieces birthday, Lacey. She turned 14!! Where has the time gone. I will never forget all the memories I have of her and hope to have many, many more. She was the first grandchild. The house that my husband and I live in now was his grandparents and I can remember when she was just a baby I was holding her in my arms feeding her and my husband's grandmother told me how natural I looked holding her. I will never forget this or all the other memories. She is such a blessing. My girls are crazy about her and look to her as a big sister.

Here is Lacey at my wedding 10 years ago. She was my flower girl and she was so beautiful!! I am so thankful for her and also thankful to know that she is a child of God. She has a beautiful voice.

Here is Lacey with her cake. We had cake and ice cream at granny and papaw's.

My oldest daughter, Kaitlyn received a Taylor Swift CD last year for her birthday. As I was listening to this CD one day there was a song that I came to that automatically reminded me of Lacey. It is called "The Best Day." I immediately called her mother and told her that she had to hear this song.
You might want to get a tissue!!

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