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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ok, I am calling on all your mothers for your HELP!! I know what you are thinking, how sweet and innocent and cute this little girl is. Well, she is but I have a big problem on my hands. She will be 3 in March and we are still not potty trained!!! I have tried everything. Every time I try to put her on the potty, she cries, (except for this time above)!!! I have praised her when she goes and practically act like a idiot when she goes in the potty. I give her a M & M's when she goes. She just doesn't want to take the time out to go when we are at home mostly. When we are out like at church or out to eat she will go just because she don't want to sit still, she wants to be on the go, so I guess getting to go to the bathroom is like an exciting part of her trip. Who knows?? I can tell you that I think this is all her daddy's fault. Although if he knew I was writing about him, he would absolutely die!! So please don't tell him, but let me tell you why I think this. He used to do the exact same thing she does per my mother-in-law. He would come to my mother-in-law and say, I need you to change me! Well she does the same thing. She knows when she is going. She will come to me and tell me I need to change her. That is just crazy, in my opinion. I have put her in time out, made her stand in the corner and have spanked her for this, although I know some of you are going to think that is terrible, but I just feel she is being stubborn. Also, my husband could count how many diapers he had left and would shout out the window to my mother-in-law, You better get me some more pampers, I only have 4 left!!! So now you see why I think this is all my husband's fault and I know some of you are going to read this and have a big time laugh about it and that is okay, I guess, but I seriously need your help. She is supposed to start preschool next year and if she is not potty trained then she can't go and she thinks because she got to go to Bible School back in the summer, that they will surely let her go to preschool. So I am begging you mothers that have more experience in this department than I do, because it was a lot easier with my first child, to PLEASE HELP ME!!


  1. Well, I don't know that I could be of any help in the potty-training department, but just wanted to tell ya that I enjoyed hearing that story about Kenny again LOL It had been a long time since I had heard that one! LOL Kenleigh is definitely her Daddy's girl! Good luck with the training!

    (BTW Have you tried a potty training reward chart, where she gets to put stickers on a chart when she goes to the potty? You can find some cute free printable ones online.)

  2. Hunter has been telling me for several months when he has poo pooed, so I plan to start potty training him reguarly after his birthday. Good luck to you!

  3. Lori, my Andrew is 20 months and he hasn't really shown an interest yet but I do have the potty for him. I have put him on there a few times but nothing yet. I don't have any advice for you but I was thinking of starting this discussion in my community. If you would like to copy and paste it into a new discussion, you may get more input...then again, you may not. I am interested in the advice from others too.

    I have read/heard people who let their child run around completely naked and just continuously give them liquids and put them on the potty every 15 minutes. I don't know if that is feasible for you but I think that is exactly the route I might go at some point.

  4. Okay, so apparently our daughters are the same age (Ivy turns 3 in March also). We have been trying to potty train since July, but it's been back and forth. We are out of the house a lot, which is probably part of our problem, but she will not use a toilet, only her potty, and only if she's bottomless. She will run to the potty and pee or poop if she isn't wearing anything on her butt. BUT if she is wearing a pullup, diaper, or big girl panties, she pees all over herself. I think she's confused and thinks that if something is touching her bottom it's supposed to be used as her own personal bathroom...

    I will pray that you have a super quick break through, and that your little lady will very soon be sitting pretty on her bathroom throne.

  5. WEll, I really cannot tell you anything, because all three of mine potty trained in one day and they just said...I am done with diapers. Seriously, it was so easy. All before they turned three. What worked with my two girls was taking them to the preschool and letting them see the fun they would have if they were potty trained. Worked like a charm. Have the preschool teacher talk to her and show her the potty too. I hope that helps. Cause that is all I got. Sorry.

  6. Do you know what the absolute best advice I ever got was? Stop worrying about it because it will happen when they are ready. And you know, the minute I stopped begging and pleading and hoping well, it just happened : ) So good luck to you on all of your potty training endeavors. It will happen at just the right time!


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