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Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

I decided to participate in "Favorite Foto Friday" because today's photo is supposed to be orange and today just happens to be our schools homecoming.  Our colors are black and orange.  This has been spirit week and I have blogged about everyday except yesterday.  So I will combine yesterday and today together.  Yesterday was crazy hat/shades day.  Kaitlyn wore Kenleigh's hat that my grandmother had got her for Christmas a couple of years ago and Kenleigh cried.  She didn't want Kaitlyn wearing it.  

Ok, so now on to "Favorite Foto Friday" Orange.  Today was Black/Orange day and tonight was homecoming.  There were lots of girls that we knew that were in homecoming including family and some girls that we go to church with and their daddy's escorted them and then they had a ball player take over and escort them the rest of the way.  Kaitlyn and I wore our "Riley" shirts to today.  The week before school started there was a little girl about to start 7th grade and was in a tragic accident.  So the school has started a scholarship fund in her name and these shirts were designed to help fund this scholarship.  The 7th grade class made a shadow box with her jersey and some pictures in it to be displayed in the gym. This reminds me of when I was in the 7th grade and one of my classmates was in a tragic accident and this was devastating but now that I am a mother, I feel totally different about it.  Please pray for this family.  I cannot imagine.


Kaitlyn and I before the game.  This gave us some time together since Kenleigh has been sick and we didn't want to take her to the game.  Her and her daddy had "movie night".  Kaitlyn has been jealous of Kenleigh, so we needed some just "me and Kaitlyn" time. 

Kaitlyn with her friends Karsyn and Turner

Here is Daniel, our cousin.

Becca, Loren and Darsy, our cousin.

Here is Kaitlyn and Becca.  This is our preachers daughter and she also babysat for us this summer, so she is kind of special to us. 

Here is our cousin Sarah.  She looks so pretty.  All the homecoming court looked so pretty.  


  1. Beautiful girls! Looks like a fun time was had by all! :)

    I hope Kenleigh is still feeling better. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way still!

  2. Beautiful girls-all of them!!! So glad you joined FFF!

  3. what fun. All the girls did look gorgeous. i love this time of year. FAll and Homecoming what could be better:)

  4. Y'all knew a lot in the Homecoming Court! I'm sure Riley's family felt so much support with people wearing those shirts!

  5. Great pictures. Sorry to hear about the little girl...we will keep her family in our prayers.

    The young ladies all look beautiful. Homecoming is such a fun time!

  6. Happy Homecoming. Last night was the homecoming of my old high schooltoo. We were planning to go, then out air decided to go out. Most of you are prob. thinking no big deal its october, well it was 94 degree here this week, yuck! But, I will take the heat over the freezing cold any day!!


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