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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

Today's FFF theme is adventure.  Well, I don't know that you would really call this an adventure but, here is what I got.  Oh, if you would like to participate join Me-Me and Monkey's Big Adventure by clicking on the button above.  Last week was Homecoming.  Tonight was the first home game and so the school had a big pep rally before school was out and Kaitlyn begged me to come, so I couldn't say no.  So Kenleigh and I went.  It was the first pep rally I had ever been to at Bradford.  All Bradford has is basketball.  I went to school at Bald Knob and they have football and so I went to lots of pep rally's there.  It was pretty neat.  Last week was homecoming, so they had homecoming again today.  The guys dressed up as girls and the girl ballplayers escorted out the ballplayers that were dressed up like girls.  Then each grade got to perform a cheer.  It was really neat to see what the boys and girls had been working on all week.  Then they voted to see who did the best cheer and the 5th grade won.  The drama club performed, the band played.  It was really exciting and Kenleigh had a blast.

Here is Kaitlyn and Abreanna with Ms. Angela.  Kaitlyn's teacher, Ms. Tommie Sue has been out this week. 

Alexis and Zane gearing up for the big Pep Rally

Turner and Madison

Kenleigh had a blast.  She clapped and cheered!!

Here is the 1st grade class doing their cheer.


  1. Sounds like such a fun time. Cute pictures.

  2. You have such a sweet family! Great pictures!

  3. Great sounds like a fun time! You gotta love homecoming :)


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