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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Forgot...........

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Kaitlyn lost a tooth this past weekend.  She had asked me to look at her bottom tooth before we went to bed on Saturday because she thought maybe there was a tooth coming in behind it.  I told her I would look at the next morning.  So the minute she got out of bed she had me look and she got in front of the mirror and started working with it and it wasn't five minutes until it was out.  She had said all day that she was going to spend the night with Granny.  That was all she talked about was spending the night with Granny.  We had company and I told her that she could go to Granny's later on.  At the last minute she decided she didn't want to stay with Granny.  She told me probably an hour before bedtime she was going to put the tooth under her pillow.  The next morning she came to my room with the tooth and a sad face.  Oh, I felt horrible.  Granny called to tell me that apparently the tooth fairy thought she was going to be at her house and made a visit to her house.  I told her to go back and check her bed and she found $5 plus this note and money from the tooth fairy below:

She didn't want me taking this picture because she had just gotten out of bed when she pulled this tooth.  Thank you Kaitlyn for being cooperative.

Next time Kaitlyn needs to not change her mind at the last minute.  She has two more loose, so hopefully the tooth fairy won't forget or I mean go to the wrong place next time.  



  1. how cute; that would be confusing keeping track of her schedule on the momentous occasion of losing a tooth; thankfully the Tooth Fairy did a good recovery for the mix up :)

    love her smile :)


  2. too funny, and at least the tooth fairy was on her game

  3. Sadly there have been a few times that the tooth fairy missed our house as well although she always comes through!!

  4. *phew* I have done that before and we had to email the tooth fairy to remind her. LOL

  5. so funny, I always forget to leave money. it is extra bad because my kids know who the tooth fairy is so they take it personal and tease me all day

  6. LOL.. the Tooth Fairy has "forgotten" at our home too.. uh... yeah.. more than once.

  7. Too funny! I'm glad the tooth fairy was able to recover that mess up quickly. :o)


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