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Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Monday/Your Song With Your Significant Other


Today is Music Monday and the theme for this week is "Song with your significant other."  Oh, how this seems like it was yesterday.  I don't know the particulars or how it happened but it has just always been known that this was mine and my husband's song.  Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.

I don't really care for the ending on this particular video but the ones that I wanted to use would not allow you to embed the codes.

I have two songs.  I will never forget the first time I heard this song, my husband told me that this was his song to me.  Oh, how it melted my heart!!  She Don't Know She's Beautiful by Sammy Kershaw. 

If you would like to join in the fun today, just hop on over to Tara's Blog and link up.  I hope everybody has a great week and a Happy Music Monday.



  1. Both are great songs! Wonderful Tonight is one of my favorites and I used to have a crush on Sammy Kershaw. I went to his concert, had front row, stood up on the security railing with my hands reached for him to touch me and just as he came by my foot slipped and I missed him!! Happy Monday!!!

  2. Oh I love Wonderful Tonight. What a great song! I hadn't heard the second song. How sweet that your husband thinks of you when he hears it.

  3. both great songs!! always neat to have "couple songs" especially if we hear them when our loved ones aren't around, makes us think of them :)


  4. I really like both of those songs. Wonderful Tonight was my prom theme.


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