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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Music Monday


Today is Music Monday and I am joining Tara over at Keeping Up With The Kelly's.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I got some much needed cleaning done around my house.  If you read my post from last week about my holiday weekend then you know that my dad came to visit me for my birthday.  My mom and dad divorced when I was almost 2.  We didn't have a very good relationship growing up.  He was an alcoholic.  About 4 years ago he admitted himself to a Christian Rehab and has been alcohol free for that long as well.  I am so proud of him.  We see each other occasionally and I am thankful he has changed his life and I am also thankful that I have forgiven him of the past and that we can move forward in our relationship.  Although we still don't know each other just real well and I don't always know what to say around him, I pray the Lord will keep us together as often as possible that way we can get to know each other better.

My mom took me to eat at IHOP on Saturday as a late birthday present.  The IHOP that we eat at always has the music going a little loud, which doesn't bother me any.  This song came on and my mom told me it was her and my daddy's song when they were dating.  I said then, this will have to be my Music Monday post.  When my dad was here last weekend, my mom and dad had road to town together and I was grilling burgers.  I asked my husband if we should wait on mom and daddy to get back before we ate.  I then said, I never thought I would be saying that.  I am just glad they get along, and it never hurts, even at 33 to wish that your parents would get back together now does it? 

I hope everybody has a great week. We have a busy one.  Me and my BFF are going out tonight for my birthday dinner.  My husband says I drag my birthday out for a month!!  Tuesday and Thursday are softball games and Wednesday is Bible study. 



  1. Very interesting that you wrote out your story about your divorced parents. My MM song is about a situation very similar to yours and one I know you will recognize.

    Happy (early) Music Monday! I hope you have a great week!

  2. I think it is always neat to extend out a birthday! makes the celebrations last a little bit longer indeed!

    what a great story about your dad being sober from alcohol and I'm hopeful there will be a wonderful restoration of your relationship with him as time progresses on. I also think it was neat that your parents were able to drive together to the festivities and still remain somewhat friends (or at least civil to each other). Never underestimate what God might do, right?


  3. Great song for MM. I hope you have a great week also.
    extend out a birthday is fun. ive done that sometimes to. happy belated bday to you. if i had know before i would have sent you a little something.

  4. i am now following your blog aswell. i would also love to keep in touch and wondered if you would be interested to exchange letters and/or postcards. please let me know....

  5. Great song! Love your family photo in header.

  6. 時間的銳齒能吃盡一切,唯獨對真理無能為力。........................................

  7. awesome song!!!I am glad your Dad has changed his life!!It is never too late!
    That is so sweet about your mom and Dad too!

  8. I love that song! I am glad that you have a relationship with your Dad now.


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