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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Little Short Stop

I am so proud of Kaitlyn.  This is her third year to play softball, second year in the 8 and under league and her and her daddy work out in the yard for hours sometimes and it is hot.  All that hard work has paid off.  The last two or three ballgames she has done an excellent job playing short stop.  She has stopped some fast, hard balls that I myself would be scared to death to try to catch if they were coming after me!!  She has had a great time and we have so enjoyed watching her and all of her teammates.  We are finished with all of our regularly scheduled games but will start tournaments on Monday.  I can't wait!!  I get so excited.  She has made her mommy and daddy so proud. 



  1. she looks like she is really focused and concentrating on the ball and play in this picture! good for you Kaitlyn! it is hard work but it looks like you are doing just great with it! hope your team does great in the tournaments!!


  2. looks like you've got a ball player on your hands. glad to see she loves it

  3. What a cutie! So glad that she likes softball. She looks like a pro!

  4. She is so cute in her uniform and on the field...she looks ready. Adorable. Isn't it fun when they find their nitch. Model loves soccer and is good at it and enjoys it and I enjoy watching her. Everyone is happy:) I love that.

  5. I can't believe she is playing this sport so young and looks so "professional" at it. Good for her! She will learn many wonderful lessons from being part of a team. Glad to see your whole family is involved with her too.

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. Making special memories with our grandchildren is a big part of our lives. We emphasize the small things that bring us together rather than the material things of life.

  6. Glad that she enjoys it so much! She looks great out there on the field.


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