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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now They Both Have One.............

A scooter that is.............

Kenleigh has been doing so good on her potty training the last few weeks and the day that Kaitlyn got her scooter for her birthday.....

I think Kenleigh liked it better than Kaitlyn did.  So we told Kenleigh if she did really good on her potty training that we would get her a scooter.  So my uncle got her a gift card for Christmas and we had not used it yet.  So Friday night me and my husband go to Walmart and we looked like we were Christmas shopping because her gift card was for $30 and the scooter that we had been looking at was originally $34 and it was marked down to $14.  WOW!!  So we used her gift card to get her a new scooter and a baby carrier for her baby dolls. 
I was thinking they were just alike but after we got it home, we found out they are a little different.  They are both Disney characters but a little different.

The one on the left is Kaitlyn's and the one on the right is Kenleigh's.

 Don't tell Kenleigh, but when Kaitlyn was full potty trained we got her a John Deer Gator.  Shhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  But my husband had also just sold a litter of puppies and used that money to buy it with.

Here is Kaitlyn's gator that she got about 4 years ago, but no worries, Kenleigh gets to ride it too.



  1. How fun! Your girls are adorable.

  2. All three of the kids got money for Christmas this year. The lady at the check out counter asked if they didn't get enough toys when we were checking out. Rude, much...but we just said no, paid her and left. The kids were perfectly happy picking out their own Christmas, and you're right...everything was marked down, so they doubled their goods.


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