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Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Snow of 2010

We got our first snow of the year here in Arkansas.  I had got up right before 7 a.m. to go to the restroom and I thought it looked very bright outside, so I looked out the window and there it was about an inch of snow!!  I was so excited.  I think more than the kids were.  My youngest was already in bed with us, as she ALWAYS is.  She starts out in bed with the oldest but then sometime in the night comes and gets in bed with us.  She leaned up and looked out the window and was excited.  My husband went and woke up our oldest to show her.  We got on up and started getting ready for church, but the girls wanted to go on out in it for a bit.  So we let them.  My husband went out with them while I started getting ready. 

Here is Kenleigh all bundled up and ready to get out in the snow.

That first step out in it.  We didn't get much.

Here they both are.

Daddy bundled up to go out with them.

She kept calling her ear muffs, her head phones!!

This was after church.  It started snowing again and daddy had gone hunting, so I took them out myself.

Here are the girls swinging on the swingset.

Here they are attempting to build a snowman but we didn't quite have enough.

They had a blast.


  1. At least you got some and they were able to enjoy it. It was 17 degrees or colder here and we got nothing but sunshine, wind and static electricity!

  2. I wasn't as excited as the kids were to go out in the cold! I managed and got some pictures. It sure was cold, though!!!


  3. Cute pictures. That looks like the amount that we got. Love that she calls her earmuffs head phones. LOL Too cute.

  4. We just got 15 inches over the weekend! I'll gladly share. :) Cute pics, the girls look so happy!

  5. Cute, cute, cute... love the pics. We are getting a few flurries this morning, but expecting a little more tonight. It's in the teens here, and freezing.. brrrrr...


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