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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Award..........How Exciting

I have received another award.  I just love getting awards so feel free to send me one anytime you like!!  My dear friend Tara over at Keeping Up With The Kelly's has sent me this "Gorgeous Blogger Award."  Thanks so much Tara.  You are the greatest!! 

Part of accepting this award is to list 6 things you probably don't know about me and then I must pass it along to 6 other gorgeous blogging friends.  So here it goes:

1.)  I cannot start cooking supper until I have completely cleaned up the kitchen.  I know it sounds silly since I am fixing to mess the kitchen up again anyways, but I assume it has something to do with my OCD.  I also like to wash up my dishes as I go if I have time.  This is something my mother-in-law taught me but now with two kids it is not always possible.  But it does make less to clean up after eating.
2.)  Another one of my OCD issues is that if I cannot find something I am looking for, I may tear the house apart until I find it.  It will absolutely drive me crazy until I find it.  I actually had this happen this morning.  I was looking for a lid to something and so I was throwing pots and pans, etc., (Not really, but you get the picture) and was about to drive my husband crazy.  Needless to say, he was very glad when I finally found the lid.
3.)  I was born in West Memphis, Arkansas and only lived there 2 years and then moved to Bald Knob, Arkansas after my parents divorced.
4.) I love lemon pepper.  When I was kid I would eat it out of the palm of my hand.  I know that sounds gross but I just love it.  Sorry. 
5.) I love Build-A-Bear.  My kids have been a few times and have the cute bears, but I would love to go and stuff the bear and dress it up.  I just think that would be so neat. 
6.) One of my best friends from high school set me and my husband up and I am so thankful she did.  Thanks Jennifer. 

Okay, that was kind of hard, but I did it!!  Now, I have to pick 6 gorgeous bloggers to accept this award.  It is going to be hard because I have so many wonderful blog friends but here it goes:

1.  Hannah
2.  Sonya
3.  Tisha
4.  Amy
5.  Mimi
6.  Cathy

Here you are ladies.  You all have gorgeous blogs!! 

P.S. - I have been blogging most of the day off and on and I have tired to make comments on different ones blogs and for some reason my computer will not let me, so I apologize.  I have tried to comment to different ones today. 



  1. Oh, Lori, that is so sweet, thank you for thinking of me! That's a neat list you made. I just did that, and don't know if I can do it again! Thanks for your visit. Blessings ~

  2. Not lemon pepper but I eat Old Bay or Montreal Steak seasoning from McCormick out of my palm too.

  3. Thanks!! Those are great tidbits too! I'll try to get mine up this weekend (hopefully!)

    I am the same on #1 and #2. I am really bad about the kitchen, I can't even make toast unless the kitchen sparkles.

  4. I can totally relate to number 1! I hate starting a meal, or baking something with an already messy kitchen. And I wash my dishes as I go too. :) Sure makes a happy mama afterward, when there's nothing to clean up!

  5. Congrats to you and thanks for passing it along. :)

    I have similar OCD issues...especially about the cleaning before cooking bit! *LOL* The kids will want something to drink in the mornings and I have to clean the kitchen before I can do it. They always get so angry! heh heh heh

  6. Congratulations and GOD BLESS!

  7. Thank you Lori for the award.. so sorry it took me so long to find it.. LOL! Have a great weekend.


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