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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Awards, Awards, and More Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I am just a little bit of a proud mom, but I must say, I was so, so proud of my daughter when I attended her awards ceremony Friday at school.  I knew she had all A's and I knew she had perfect attendance but I never dreamed she would walk away with all the awards that she walked off with.  She has struggled with Math this year and trying to do homework has been a nightmare, but I am beginning to think that she really knows what she is doing, she is just giving me a hard time about it.  She received highest grade in Math, an award for excellent behavior, highest average in spelling, highest average in reading, a trophy for perfect attendance, highest average in accelerated reading, and 2nd place books read in accelerated reading by reading 61 books!!  Wow!!  Way to go Kaitlyn.  Your daddy and I as well as granny, papaw and Mimi are so, so proud of you. 

My pictures didn't turn out just real good. The awards ceremony was in the high school gym. But here is Kaitlyn with her boyfriend Levi after receiving her first metal.

Here is Kaitlyn with her cousin Madison. They both received perfect attendance.
Here is Kaitlyn and her friend Katrina.
Here is Kaitlyn with her homeroom teacher, Mrs. Brandy.

Here is Kaitlyn and some of her classmates with Mrs. Shannon.
Kaitlyn and Mrs. Sheila here reading teacher.

Kaitlyn and her BFF's.  Breanna, Abreanna and Turner.

I am sad that the year is over with because that means she will be older next time she goes to school.  She is growing up way too fast.  I am so proud of you baby girl!!  Keep up the good work.



  1. WTG Kaitlyn! You look like you are a great student! Keep up the good work!! neat that she had perfect attendance too! that is a feat these days with all the germs kids can be exposed to


  2. Wow...She is super smart and (cute)! Sounds like she had a fabulous year in school. Loved all the pictures. Her boyfriend Levi? Too cute:) Way to go Kaitlyn!

  3. Wow! That is awesome! Congrats to her on all of those awards!


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