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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The New Puppies

One of our coon hounds had puppies two weeks ago and today was the first day that we were able to get them out and play with them. We started out with 8 but one of them died and it just so happened that the girls went out with daddy the day that daddy found one of them dead. It was very traumatic to the both of them, not in a bad way. It was cute. Kenleigh came running into the house and said that one of the puppies was dead. The 7 remaining are doing great though. They are so healthy and plump looking. Kenleigh was scared of them at first but after just a few minutes she was wanting to pick all of them up. Kaitlyn was picking all of them up trying to tell if they were boys or girls and she got all of them correct!! LOL!! My husband will be selling them when they are ready to be weaned from their mommy.

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