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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Softball Game

Last night was Kaitlyn's last softball game before tournaments start next week. She played a double header last night. It was so hot, but very exciting. They lost both games but she did so good and so did the entire team. These are a few of her teammates. Kaitlyn, Becca, Sadie and Jenna. This was before the first game so they look full of energy here.

Here is Kenleigh. She always has to have her ball and glove. Her and daddy went and played with her while the second game was going on.

Here is Kaitlyn and her friend Mackey Ann. She only got to play the first game because she was having her tonsils taken out the next day. It is always nice making new friends.
Here is Kaitlyn and the coaches daughter, Skylar. This was after their first game and getting ready to play the second game. They were pretty hot.

During the second game, Kaitlyn played bat catcher and short stop and helped to get a girl out on first base. She did so good. I was so proud of her. She was such a good sport. Not that I am partial or anything, lol!!

Kaitlyn got the game ball during the second game. I think she played harder and better this last game than she has all year. I would get so aggravated at her some nights because I felt like she wasn't playing her best, but I can't say that about this last game. The entire team was awesome tonight and all year long. Way to go Murphy Oil!!

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