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Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Day of School

Kaitlyn started 1st grade on August 19th. I cannot believe it. She is growing up so fast. Kenleigh and I took her to school and Kenleigh got to eat breakfast with Kaitlyn and when it was time for Kaitlyn to go to class I asked her if she wanted me to walk her to class and she said NO!! Oh, that hurt really bad. But Kenleigh wanted to know where Kaitlyn went so I what other choice did I have but to take Kenleigh and show her where Kaitlyn was. She was already seated in her chair and starting to work. I am so proud of her. I don't know where all the time has gone. It just seems like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital. Enjoy the time that you have with your kids. They grow up way too fast.

Kaitlyn's first day of school with her Hannah Montana backpack and lunchbox that Aunt Tina and Uncle Jason got her.

Kaitlyn, Kenleigh, Johnathon and Lacey

Cousin Jacob, Kaitlyn and Jason

Abreanna and Kaitlyn

Kenleigh ate Breakfast with Kaitlyn

Cousin Madison and Kaitlyn

My Baby and I

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