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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swimming Lessons

And we are off to swimming lessons...........although Kenleigh didn't take swimming lessons, she was always excited about going to watch her big sister Kaitlyn.  
She has got her woggle goggles on as she calls them from the show Imagination Movers.  
This was Kaitlyn's 3rd year to do the beginners swimming lessons.  We did the mom and me class when she was a baby. 
This is one of the friends she made while at swimming lessons, Emily!!  
Kaitlyn posing for me.  
Here she is trying to dive off the diving board although I am not quite sure what this is??  LOL!!  
This was after she jumped, dove off the diving board.  
Her daddy and I feel it is very important to take swimming lessons.  Next year Kenleigh will get to start.  

I just want to apologize for my last post.  It was long and messed up.  I couldn't get all the pictures and the captions straight and I was tired of messing with it.  I had been working on that post for two days, so I was ready to post it.  

Next post will be about our summer vacation to Branson, stay tuned..............


  1. Great job Kaitlyn! I have had my girls in swimming lessons since they were babies. It is so important. You caught some great pics!! Can't wait to see your pics from Branson. I have never been, but heard it is awesome!

  2. How fun! I want to put A into swimming lessons BUT I don't want to do them with him. I'm not much of a swimming fan. Either way, we'll take them either next year or when he is 4.

  3. swimming lessons are good for kids for so many reasons. I'm hoping to get my sons into them next summer

  4. That is such a good idea! Everybody should at least know the basics of swimming. I was never offered lessons and really wish now that my parents would have let me take them. I have a fear of deep water. It looks like she is having a great time!


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