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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Branson Vacation July 2010

We headed out on a Friday morning and we basically drove straight through to Branson which is around 3.5 hours from our house.  We stopped a couple of times for potty breaks and gas.  We had intended on stopping at a place that I absolutely love to eat called Ferguson's Country Store and Restaurant in St. Joe, Arkansas, but we had stopped at McDonald's that morning to get a small breakfast.  As a matter of fact we just went through the drive-thru, didn't even go in.  All I got was a egg mcmuffin.  Trying to stay on Weight Watchers as best I can while on vacation. So by the time we got to St. Joe, I nor was anyone else all that hungry.  So I hated to waist money and food if I wasn't actually hungry.  So we arrived at Branson around 1 in the afternoon and our room was not ready yet, so by this time we were starving!!  So we went down to the Branson Landing and found a place my brother-in-law and sister-in-law had told us about, Texas Land and Cattle.  It was a steak house and it was a really neat place. 

Here are the girls at Texas Land and Cattle. 

Kenleigh is trying on my sunglasses.

This was right outside from where we sat.  Loved the view.  

Kenny and I.
Here are the girls at the Landing.  They found a rock they wanted to have their picture made on.  

Kenleigh liked walking down the sidewalk at the Landing and seeing the ducks, boats, etc. 

Next stop was the Bass Pro Shop, which is not near as the big as the one in Springfield, but it was still nice.  We got some really good candy there and took back to the motel.  

I love this picture of the girls.  It is in front of a big fish tank.
Here they are on a bench that looks like a fish behind them.  I thought this was pretty neat.  

This was inside the Bass Pro.  
The girls had to go to the bathroom of course and I just thought this was neat so I made them stop for a picture.  It doesn't take much to amuse me.  Ha!!
Kenleigh wanted her picture made by this fake tree stump at the Bass Pro.  
So that was the end to our first day.  Kenleigh went right on to her pull out bed that her and Kaitlyn slept in.  I did not sleep good both nights as I don't sleep well away from home plus I was afraid Kenleigh would fall out of the bed and she did the second night because Kaitlyn pushed her out in her sleep.  She was fine though and so was I after I put her in bed with me.  

The next day we got up and headed to a breakfast buffet because we were going to be going to the Dixie Stampede that night and if you have ever been there then you know, you get lots and lots of food, so I told everyone we would not be eating any lunch, so we ate a big breakfast and then headed to some bumper boats and go carts.  Kaitlyn drove her own, Kenny and Kenleigh rode in one and I rode in one.  
When it was time to come back, Kaitlyn couldn't seem to find her way back, bless her heart.  I had a little trouble too, so I could sympathize with her.

Now we are ready to ride the go carts although Kaitlyn and Kenleigh both were mad because they couldn't drive.  

Kenleigh and I are ready to take off!!

Next back to the motel for some swimming and relaxing before our big show.  
Last, but certainly not least was our big show to the Dixie Stampede.  If you have never been, you should really go.  I recommend the Christmas show.  It is really the best.  This was the first time for Kenleigh and the third time for Kaitlyn and I and Kenny's second time.  You get lots of food and the entertainment is great and we had front row.  Kaitlyn had a rose thrown to her by one of the actors. 

After the show we went back to our room and rested for a bit and then we walked down to the Landing and Kaitlyn got a new backpack for school from the Disney store and then we listened to a live band and just walked around.  We left early the next morning heading back home as we had a birthday party to get to that afternoon.  I always have a great time on vacation but always look forward to getting back home in my own bed.


  1. I have never been to Branson, but heard its a really neat place to visit. Looks like you had lots of fun! I love the Bass Pro shop.. I love to just walk around and see all the outdoorsy stuff, boats, tents, etc. They have some really nice clothes also.

  2. My sister in law used to ride a horse at the Dixie Stampede!! That's where she was working when she and my brother met!!

  3. What an awesome trip! So glad you guys got to relax!

  4. That looks like a lot of fun! I've never been either but seems to be a very touristy spot. You def. got some great pictures. They have the Dixie Stampede at Myrtle Beach too but we've never been.

  5. We have a Texas Land & Cattle steakhouse in Concord. We ate there for a friend's birthday and it was wonderful! Dixie Stampede's Christmas show brings back a horrible memory. We went to the one in Myrtle Beach and my husband's airway shut off. Come to find out he was allergic to the place...LOL! We haven't wanted to risk it again. Glad that you guys had a wonderful vacation!

  6. Great pictures ~ The girls are so cute. I know you enjoyed your vacation.

  7. Don't you just love Branson?
    I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become a follower of it if you wish.

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