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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Here is Kaitlyn diving in!!

Here is Kaitlyn and Cloyee. They didn't have the same swimming lessons, but they overlapped one another, so I got a picture of them together.

Kaitlyn just finished up swimming lessons last Thursday. They were for two weeks. She has done swimming lessons since she was 2. We did mommy and me classes together. She did pretty good last year. It was her first year to do it without me. She has really come a long way since last year and I think part of that is due to the fact that Uncle Johnny and Aunt Angela got a swimming pool last year. So she has got to practice more. She started out this year doing pretty good, but by the end of the lessons, she was awesome!! Not that I am bragging. Anyways, she was scared to jump off the diving board at first by the end she was diving off the diving board and swimming to the side with no help whatsoever. I would love to put her on the swim team, but just really don't have time to commit to that right now.

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