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Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow.......

This is my third day off in a row.  We have received about 6 inches of snow this week.  We have had more snow this year than I can ever remember.  Here in Arkansas, I can remember years when we didn't get any snow at all, but not this year.  It has actually been kind of nice.  This is my first year to work at the school, so when the kids are out, I am out although we will have to make these days up, but at least I get to be with my kids whether we are home or at school, so I can't complain.  The first round of snow we got, my youngest was sick and my husband had been working shift work, so we didn't get to get out in it.  The next few snows were not really enough to get out in and play.  But this week, well, it is a different story.  They news stations have been preparing us for this "Snowplosion" as one weather man called it, for about a week now.  Just as luck would have it, my husband was off the day that we got all the snow and the next day, so we could get out and play in it.  A 4-wheeler plus a sled equals fun, fun, fun!!! We have had our fun and now I am ready for some warmer weather and some softball.  I have to brag on my oldest daughter.  She is quite the shortstop and I can't wait to see her play some softball!! 
 The snow had just started and we were on our way up the hill to Granny and Papaw's for a big country breakfast!!  Yummy!!

 Kaitlyn and Kenleigh with Papaw on the golf cart.

 Our little house during the snowplosion.

 The girls about to sled!!  

 Kenleigh sledding by herself.
  She giggled the entire time!!

Kaitlyn and I sledding together.  We both got knocked off!!

Papaw with his dog Oscar.

Now, I am ready for some softball and flip flops!!



  1. Y'all can keep it all that way! We got a tiny dusting yesterday. I despise cold weather so much that Andrew hasn't even been out in it except when my mom & stepdad took him out over Christmas. My body just can't handle it. Hoping y'all are digging out and thawing. Ready for spring here too!

  2. I'm glad you all are having fun in the snow. We have had only a little of it in NC this year, so far. Personally I can't wait til Spring. I enjoyed your pictures.

  3. I am soooo ready for those flip flops!


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